2018 At last an update!

If anyone follows my blog they will no doubt have given up by now. Two years without an update is bad.

Now I’ve retired there will be no excuses and I’ll try and keep this updated and relevant.

On the telescope front, the news is that the drive system Craig and I developed for our Dobsonians has been refined and now has a smart case with laser etched front and back panels. More info here.

I’ve been keeping up my attendance at the Texas Star Party and have now clocked up 19 consecutive years! In addition to running the Amateur Telescope Making program we’ve added a mirror making workshop for the last three years. I have acquired the greatest of admiration for those with the patience and skill to grind and polish mirrors.

Followers may remember my trips to Texas usually involved hiring a Mustang and my wife and I fit in a bit of a road trip around the star party. I can now enjoy the Mustang all year round now as I swapped my old Mercedes for a brand new right hand drive Mustang GT. The 18” telescope and camping gear fits in nicely too.

My dear friend Kieron McGrath had been fighting cancer for some time, and this spring finally lost the battle. He passed away while the Kelling Star Party was happening which was an event he enjoyed coming to. I plan to organise a tribute to Kieron at the Autumn event, which will include red wine in his honour!

A new activity for me now that I have retired is a bit of astronomy outreach. So far this has involved supporting a “space” themed activity at a Girl Guiding weekend. It was fun if not exhausting and I do encourage all other astronomers to get out there and spread the word.

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