After a year of retirement I’m busier than ever! Some major remodelling of the kitchen took priority and then some trees were blown down leaving space it seemed for a sunken hot tub and spa. The rest of the house needs decorating too.

I’m spending more time at Mustang meetings which is nice, and we had a great time in Texas for this year’s Texas Star Party. I didnt take my airline portable 10” this year as it is really too small now to do the skies there justice. I took my 100mm APO Mijauchi Binoculars and borrowed others’ scopes. 

Last year I rebuilt parts my 18” dobsonian to change the drive from a friction type to a classical belt drive type. Its not so elegant to my mind, but it sure does work a lot better, which is what is important!

The  new altitude belt drive.

I also upgraded to the newer Nexus DSC - its worth it!

In the last few weeks I’ve finished the restoration of the Ellison telescope. This involved making a replica mount from scratch, which was interesting. More details are here.

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