2016 Starts

I’ve been lazy and not posted a blog for ages - not that anyone seems to be complaining!

Havent observed much either! My last outing was to the Winterfest at Kelling last November, which wasn’t good. Strong winds forced me to quite early. I did manage to upgrade my friend Gain’s dobsonian drive to the production standard of ScopeDog. He has a fine 24” that is very stable, but with that came heavy and stiff to move. So I replaced the PTFE pads with ball bearings and added the encoders and stepper drive I had developed for my own 18”.

ScopeDog provides full tracking and goto control with a built-in wifi link to any pc, tablet or smartphone. The drive is now available as a DIY kit and installation advice is now available for almost any large Dobsonian. More details here.

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