This website is mostly about making equipment, which reflects one of the ways I personally get so much satisfaction from astronomy. Visual observing is mainly the end goal  - seeing photons from something billions of light years away land on my retinas.

Main projects, in time order:

Building an observatory, including the dome

Repeated iterations on an 18” ultra compact Dobsonian to get it perfected, (almost there!)

Restoration of a historically important 100 year old telescope

Construction of an All Sky Camera

Design of an electronic viewfinder to positon my 18” Dobsonian to within an arcmin with respect to absolute sky position. Uses image plate solving to determine true telescope position.

I also share my thoughts on other astronomy topics - please feel free to browse!

It is vital that amateur astronomers share their skills and experiences. Some of the world’s oldest societies and journals were established to do just this.

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