Other Equipment & accessories

A long time ago I purchased a Vixen 102FL refractor. This was mounted on a GPDX with a Skysensor 2000 computer drive. This for many years was my workhorse instrument and made a few trips to Texas! Although I dont use it so much now, I couldnt bear to part with it. It really does perform exceptionally well.

Another great purchase was my Miyauchi 100mm APO binoculars. Now my eyes wouldnt see the difference but when I bought them 15+ years ago I tried both the APO and ED versions and was glad I could afford the APOs. These also have been around, being easily carried on a plane to Florida & Texas.

IMG 4430

I caught aperture fever at the Texas Star Party and so made an airline transportable 10” Dobsonian. This made 9 round trips to Texas & Florida, being checked into the hold and treated just like any other baggage! In the end friends at TSP let me use their scopes, so the 10” is no more.

I have just 4 eyepieces, all televue Ethos. These are so good with high contrast, and wide field of view that I often keep the same eyepiece in throughout an observing session.

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