Farewell Brian

Over the last few years I became good friends with Brian Johnson. Very sadly he passed away this week.

He had been hooked on practical astronomy late in his life and I was more than happy to help him a little as he built and commissioned a superb observatory, The Ironpan Observatory.

He was a supeb craftsman, and had a nice little workshop with mill and lathe where he produced extrememly high quality pieces. He played a vital part in the restoration of the Rev Ellison telescope. Without his ability to expertly rework the metal tube and make some replacement parts I dont think the restoration would have been possible.

He loved photography too, and combined his interests into astrophotography. Despite the severe light pollution at his home, he took some fantastic images. I have taken the liberty of reproducing one here - The Rosette Nebula, which he was rightly proud of and was one of his favourites.

All those who new Brian will miss a man who felt he couldnt do enough to help others. I have great memories of our time together and will miss him greatly too. My sincerest sympathies to his family.

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