All Sky Camera continues….

Had a few nights to test the camera. All is Ok except…

Condensation on the inside of the acrylic dome.

Investigation showed rain and dew was getting in past some of my ‘seals’. Easily fixed with more attention and some silicone sealant. I noticed that the low power dew heater setting doesnt seem to be effective. Its only about 0.6W which is much less than the camera and RPi, so not worth it. Instead I installed a small fan and used the now redundant relay to switch it. Also Installed a desiccant capsule.

The Indigo Sky server stops running on the Raspberry Pi after about 4 hours.

No idea yet while this is so, Much more investigation needed. The Indigo_deadlock_detector.txt file is empty, so no help there. I suspect its down somehow to the QHYCCD camera with its known dodgy firmware.

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