New scope hardware just about done

The hardware build of the new 18” scope is just about finished. The code is almost there too but needs a few good clear nights to check it out. Meanwhile Craig is converting the control softweare from Objective-C to Java so that it will run on the Raspberry PI. Clever guy!

I knew it should fit, but today I tried packing the scope into the boot (trunk) of my car. It went in even better than I had expected. It will just need a few hard foam packing pieces to protect the paintwork. The truss poles will go between the seats in side.

Scope takes up about 1/2 of boot space

There is quite a lot of spare room left, including under the scope which with judicous packing can be used for sleeping bags etc. I have a roof box and so the rest of my star party gear should go in OK.

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