Kelling Star Party Success

I went up to Kelling a full week before the main weekend and was rewarded by two very good nights and a couple of average ones.

The new scope worked very well overall. Optically it was a dream and I had great fun just looking at all those faint objects at the limit of what can be expected at this aperture. The tracking was also spot on, maintaining objects in the centre  of the field of view for more than 30 minutes. GoTo’s stil have some bugs, needing sometimes 2 or 3 iterations to get to the target. This is probably down to the stepper motors being slightly under driven on the fast slew rate. Not a big problem as the Nexus maintained a very accurate fix on scope position, and so it just needed another hit or two on the SkySafari GoTo button to complete the goto, usually putting the object very near the centre of the field of view.

I had to use my Mac to drive the scope, as the RaspberryPI had a problem calculating Local Siderial Time. Craig is working on this!

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