Kelling Heath Autumn 2022

Back from a rather variable Kelling Heath astro camp. Observed for a while on three nights, so at least something!

Did get to try out some telescope changes…..

  • The altitude roller drive worked really well overall. However the scope does need to be better balanced. With my old belt drive I didnt have to worry much, but with a dew sodden shroud and a 21mm Ethos, the clutch slipped. Easy enough to add some weights to the back.
  • The new high precision planetary gearboxes on the stepper drives are noticeably better. Much less backlash.
  • The eFinder worked perfectly without a single failed solve. It got quite a lot of interest too.
  • I swapped my x4 Powermate for a x2. Much better suited to me and my eyepiece set.
  • Realised my telescope cover really is worn out. Its been good for about 6 years but I needed to be more careful about sharp edges on the scope! Now it leaks in the rain.
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