Here are a few of the presentations and articles I have written over the years, (at least the ones I have some copyright over!)

Seeking the (very) elusive, slides as presented at the Webb Society AGM in 2023

Seeking the (very) elusive, article as published in edition 192 of the Webb Society DSO

The Future of the Dobsonianfirst published in Astronomy Technology Today in 2022

The Raspberry Pi & Amateur Astronomy, first published in Astronomy Technology Today in 2021 (revised)

The Real Origins of Amateur Telescope Making, published by Sky & Telescope in May 2017.

Telescope Resolution Measurement at the 2013 TSP, published by Astronomy Technology Today in Oct/Nov 2013, Volume 7 issue 6.

The Birth of ATM in the USA, as told by a Brit, presented at the 2012 TSP & 2013 WSP

Preserving Dark Adaptation, presented at the 2007 TSP & 2011 WSP

18” Newtonian Telescope & Observatory Project, presented at TSP about 2005

My Messier Marathon at the 2011 WSP, not previously published

Clear Skies at the 2001 Texas Star Party, originally published in AstronomyNow in about 2002

Converting a shed into an Observatory, originally published in AstronomyNow in about 2000

A Low Cost Observatory, presented at the 2001 TSP

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