All Sky Camera


An old QHY 5L-ii-M with a 1.55mm F2 lens.

Dew heater

Acrylic dome

Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB

GPIO 4 relay pcb

Focus drive - Small geared dc motor and plastic gear kit from Amazon

Plastic Box - Amazon

12V to 5V voltage converters - Amazon

Server Software:

Indigo Sky 

Client Software

AllSkEye runs on Windows 10

Indigo Dashboard runs on Mac

Indigo AstroImager runs on Mac

A description of the conception and build can be found in my blog here.

IMG 3977 (1)

This is one of my first captures. 10 second exposure. Orion is clear as is Cassiopeia. On my computer screen I can even make out the Milky Way. Not bad for a light polluted location! Nice meteor trail too.


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