18” gets rebuilt - again!

Getting the 18” into the Mustang is a work of art, especially if I have a tent as well. Definitely no room for my wife!

So another partial rebuild has been done. This essentially makes the rockers removable and the truss poles are now not rigidly held as triangles.

IMG 3784

While I was doing it I stiffened up the support for the rockers, and improved the clamping for the poles. I’m hoping it will be a bit more stable in winds.

Also added an enclosed filter wheel to the back of the focusser. 

More photos here.

During lockdown I refurbished my workshop and added and modified a few tools. My work is definitely better for it!

IMG 3623

Built a new observing chair/stepss combo for use with the 18” ultracompact. The seat folds up and adjusts to three heights, and the whole thing folds to 80mm thick for packing into the Mustang. The three steps are close together and perfect for observing near the zenith with my 18”. Unlike my old metals steps - it wont rattle on the journey up to Kelling heath.

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