mk3 ScopeDog tested OK

Winterfest weather wasnt great, but enough clear patches for me to test my new mk3 code. In summary the changes are,

  • All Java code rewritten into Python
  • eFinder code integrated into main ScopeDog code, hence running on same Raspberry Pi
  • ScopeDog can call for a plate-solve automtically at the end of a GoTo, and then refine the pointing. typically achieving about an arc minute absolute accuracy.

Considering how much had changed I was surprised and relieved to find it working so well.

But what was needed was a single hand pad to control all functions. The little 5 way navigation switch needed replacing too, as it was not good with gloves on!

Using the eFinder hand pad as the basis, it was easy to add the ScopeDog joystick to it. The Raspberry Pi Pico board in the hand pad is very flexible. I’m impressed with the Pico. It also gives me the ability to display some ScopeDog functions on the OLED text display.Here’s a shot of the new combined hand pad. The new 5 way switch was expensive, but I see now is worth it.

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